Imagine going golfing with niall. He thinks you’ve never done it before so he tries to teach you. He stands behind you and wraps his arms around you making you giggle. He makes his arms move yours through the motion of a swing. The ball goes flying out into the water. “Good job babe. Now try it on your own”  you swing and miss on purpose just for him to wrap his arms around you again. “Babe! What happened” he gasped. “Look let me show you how” he says as he takes the club from your hand. He sets the ball down and aligns the club. He swings back and forward completely missing the ball. He looks out into the water. “Ya see. It’s gone” he said proud of himself. “Uh babe?” You chuckled. “Yeah?” He asked. “Look down” he burst out laughing. “You didn’t see that”